How to downgrade sambapos?

Hi. We have a lot of problems in the new version. (5.222) technical Support is silent and does not help to solve them in any way. How to return the database (SQL express) to the old version and where to download the old installer?

You can’t downgrade the samba database, you would need to restore from a backup.

What are the issues with .22

I have just upgraded my terminals, I am wondering it I should very quickly roll-back to .18

Nothing wrong with it. I’ve been running it on all my terminals. He says it’s randomly adding a product to tickets. That should be impossible and is probably a config mistake. I can confirm it’s not doing that and I’ve tested multiple databases and terminals and could not see that.

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@pipneogen what are these multiple problems? You have mentioned one problem that is unusual and likely not related to the version update. What are the multiple other issues?

My. 22 Samba terminal added orders worth several thousand dollars during last night. I do not think it gained self awareness and I blame some insect on the touch screen for now but the chances that an insect managed to add hundreds of products with modifiers to several tickets are not high :grin:

You sure staff didn’t just make mistake?
I’ve had staff swipe rfid/MSR which is a number while logged in causing it to go to numberpad and add order causing multiple of like 18493x whatever product before now. Not sambas fault.
This random adding just makes no sense and somehow no other users have experienced?

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We need specifics. How did you enter orders, when it happened, what they were doing when it happened.

There is nothing in Sambapos that can do that except add order action. Are you using that action anywhere

@pipneogen I am downloading your db and i will look at it in just a few minutes. Can you tell me how to reproduce the issue? When does it add orders?

Wow ok so this will take a LONG time for me to figure out what you did. You changed everything to Russian or Georgian im not sure. all your commands, rules, actions, everything. Seeing how you manually did that and did not use a Russian language setting I will have to use a translator and likely thats what they are having to do.

However ive been placing orders with your database and not a single time did it add an extra order. Please help me understand what its doing by providing some examples of what I can do to reproduce it.

Ok I see what you did… you named each menu item in Russian/Georgian with the / character to separate them.

Anyway Ive not been able to make your database do what you say. You have a MASSIVE menu its crazy big. And it looks like your not using any order tags or modifiers so it should be easy to reproduce it. I just havnt been able to make it add an item automatically like you say its doing.

You have 579 Menu items and 44 categories. Thats a lot of stuff to try and reproduce this issue.

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whenever you upgrade some issues comes up , its happened to me most of them are old actions, rules need to redo, especially in this update entity widgets I used for cash up not working . Even my custom discount amount not worked . I have solved some rules ( Portion ask and update ) were not working after the update , what I was setup earlier built.
hope this may help some one .

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Typically what causes those kind of issues are features being used in unintentional ways and it eventually gets fixed breaking the automation. Cashup screen is an example.

We looked at DB but we couldn’t reproduce this issue. If you have specific ticket / order for investigate we can look to it.

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I was the last one leaving the bar in the evening and the first one to open it in the morning.
There were hundreds of orders added on 5 open tickets. Different products, some of them with multiple modifiers.
I know samba does not do it on its own. Thats why I suspect an insect on the touchscreen. At least for now :slight_smile:
btw as I’m thinking about it now - is that even possible? An insect triggering a capacitive touchscreen?

I make my own configurations for the databases on my own laptop which is HP Envy and it has a really sensitive touchscreen.

It happened when I work at night different insects such as flying ants or moths land on my screen and they have never triggered the touchscreen.

I mean the chances of an insect selecting an entity then jumping on the orders, settling them and making new orders is just highly unlikely.

So your saying it happened during the night? How were tickets created outside of work period.

I’m sorry but this is impossible. Someone had to have done it.