How to edit language terms in SambaPOS 3?

Hello Friends !

I have downloaded your software and found it to be a great solution. Thank you for including the turkmen language as well.
The Turkmen language terms are not completely translated, some are left in english. So I wanted to translate all the terms to Turkmen. Do I have to edit .dll file ? How do I edit the terms ?

Please read this :

I would like to temporarily use a mixed language resource file. I want to use English for some strings and Chinese for some others. I noticed that the language resources are in dll format (although i couldn’t really see the strings when I opened the resource dll in Resource Editor). Is there any way to directly edit the dll file the program uses, or edit the resx file from and recompile the dll file? Why can I not find any resources in the dll file (/SambaPOS3/zh-CN/Samba.Localization.resources.dll)?