How to end work period after Gift Transaction

I need a little help with resolving a gift related issue. By mistake two of my waiters clicked on the gift button while the intention was to cancel the product selected. Now we are not able to end the work period as the system shows that there are open tickets, how do I go about this to end the work period?

Check your “Tickets” section and filter to OPEN TICKETS ONLY… Change the dates if required to filter specifically during a particular date.
Once you have found the open ticket, settle the ticket and that should close it.
If you need to amend the ticket, then you may need to reopen the ticket to make the changes you need and settle it.

You will know its done correctly if you are able to end work period after.

When I open the tickets under the open only tickets nothing appears. But my guess is the two transactions that were erroneously gifted, how do I amend these so that I can settle them? When I open those specific tickets they show that they are paid and therefore no way for me to settle them

Follow this tutorial.4
It will help you create a reopen ticket button which will help you amend mistakes like that

Check the date, extend it to yesterday if it was a ticket last night.