How to flip account balance [Solved]

When I use the account balance if they have credit it lists as -30.00 whilst if they have debit it would list as 30.00 Is there anyway to flip that around so that credit would be 30.00 and debit would be -30.00 It’s a bit confusing on the receitps when the customer sees
Account Balance: -30.00 They think they have 30.00 owing to use whilst when it says
Account Balance 30.00 They think they have 30.00 to use

xxxx * -1 for both cases will do the trick…


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You dont want to change the accounting because it is correct but you could reword your receipts and use formatting to show what you want.

he wont be able to change that in the account… he will be able to * -1 in reports or tickets… i think, LOL


Yeah Im nto trying to change the receipts, I udnerstand the accounts show what is owing to the terminal. What do you mean @gerlandog? In my template where I have ENTITY ACCOUNT BALANCE:$ what should I have?

What im saying is you can format it to strip negatives and title it whatever you want. You can multiply by -1 for example

Could you possibly show me an example of how to format in print templates? Im guessing you need to use a function
So something like this?

Would that work?

No you can use simple expressions. Its hard to type them up frpm a phone.

Edit: yes but thats not a function its an expression.

Show what you currently use now, then we can show how to reverse it.

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<h4>Balance: {ENTITY BALANCE}  </h4>
<h4>Balance: [=F(TN('{ENTITY BALANCE}') * -1)]  </h4>
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Cool Thanks Q :)… Works


Can someone briefly tell me the what some of the symbols here actually so, what their purpose is?
Like what is that expression that qmckay used mean?

[=...] … expression, used to do calculations, concatenations, etc.
F() … Format a number using system regional settings
TN() … convert To Number