How to format the Display Format?

I have an Entity Types named Customers, whenever I select a customer in a new ticket I want the ticket show Customer’s Name and Birthdate. So I put this into Entity Types’ Display Format

[CustomerName] [CustomerBD]

But the problem is the ticket show full date format which looks like this:

Peter 3/22/1987 12:00:00 AM ($$$Account’s Balance$$$)

Is there a way to format the Display Format so the Date only show dd/MM?

In what format do you put it into the entity data field?

Hi JTRTech, I used these for CustomerDB Field:

Field Type : Date
Mask Type: Date Time
Editing Format : dd/MM

Hi @JTRTech, so sorry to push this up, I’m having a similar issue:



If I put [Date] in Display Format box, the result will look like above. Is there a way to format the [Date] so that it will only show MM/dd?

Show you field settings and say the batch entity editor/the output display format.



I wonder if we can put something inside [Date] so that it will display just MM/dd on POS Screen?

The mask is for editing so that won’t effect the display format.
You could try adding a date format wrap arround it in the display format for entity but not sure if that will work or not.
What is the date for?

Notice, you seem to have Id for primary field and as a custom field??

The data is just a demo without any specific purpose to show you what the [Date] is showing. That’s why you see it a bit weird for sure. I’ll try few works here and there and report back tonight. Thanks for your feedbacks @JTRTech.

But what I’m asking is what’s your intended use for a date field? Date of birth, membership date or what?
If we can understand what your looking to achive or doing with the date there may be alternative ideas which may even be better options.

I use that for date of birth, customers tend to not want to show their year of birth, so I usually collect day and month only. The information will allow me to give our customers a special birthday discount. The full date as in my case looks ugly and I want to get risk of unnecessary information.

I wouldn’t display in entity format like that anyway personally. I’d make a ticket entity changed rule to popup a birthday message based on some date constraints using that custom field.


You’re right, the birthday discount is easier to be missed if there was no alert. It’s a bit complex too, I’ll need to show a message before and after the birthday for 7 days if the customer visit our stores in that period.

You should be able to do that with rule constraints. Somewhere on the forum there are some date manipulation expressions to add/take days if i remember corectly - if not a script would do easily as an alternative.
The constraint would then be a large and less than with two date expressions vs current {DATE}