How to get order quantity from "Order added to ticket" rule


is it possible to get order quantity from “Order added to ticket” rule?

I was wondering about whether it is possible to send “Preview order” to kitchen display/printer so they can prepare quickly even before the actual ticket is submitted, like how it works at McDonald store

thanks guys

What happens if customer changes mind and your kitchen has already started the food? McDonnalds can do it because of the volume of sales they do. If your restaurant supports that kind of volume then thats awesome.

You can get order qty the same way you do when ticket is submitted.

{QUANTITY} is the Tag that holds the number of a particular Menu Item.

Thanks guys. works wonder. my product needs some time to prepare the recipe such as various vegetables and they can simply be put back into the fridge if the customer cancelled the order.

Btw, I can never get a hang of SambaPOS variables