How to get your stock back to zero

Since I started with Samba I never input my stock amount and as we have sold items it is counting down.
I now have a stock count and wanted to know how I get back to what I have.

Either clear transaction data and start fresh or put in fake purchase qty to cancel out negative stock.
Could also posibly do stock adjustment after closing work period.

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How do you clear transaction data and where from please. You know I am not very good with this.
As we now have plenty of time I would like to get my stock upto date. Hope you are keeping well in these bad times,

Simplest way would be clear transaction script in db tasks but will clear all sales data.

You can use end of days records to reconcile your stock.

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All my stock is -1234 as we have never input quantities from day 1. As we cant open due to the Corona virus here I want to get my set up accurate so that we can see what we have. Any help with this would be much appreciated.

I have used this