How to handle a Drive Thru

Any ideas to handle a drive thru setup?

There are a ton of ways… The question I have for you is how do you want it to handle it? I can give you some ideas or maybe show you a tutorial if you give me an idea of how you would like to see it operate.

I would love to see how you handle drive thru.


Well to me as for as kitchen is concerned they just need a tag to show that its drive thru. As far as taking to the order should be no different except that the order be created as drive thru. To me the POS just needs to show the orders in a list as they come in. Maybe be able to put order in a waiting status so the car can pull up if your waiting on something to be cooked. The biggest thing is not to get cars and orders out of line. Any suggestions would be great!!!

I use ticket tags for Dine In and To Go. Example of how it works coming up:
EDIT: You may be wondering… yes my tickets are small on my kitchen screen. This is only that way for testing. I will enlarge them when I deploy.

I have mine set to auto tag on Ticket Created to Dine In. So its always Dine In unless you press To Go. Button changes to Dine In after you press it so if customer changed mind or you made a mistake you can press it again to change it back to Dine In.

You could make 2 kitchen screens… 1 filtering To go Orders and 1 filtering Dine in… if you wanted… it will always print/show tickets in order they come in via Ticket #

Could also do 2 different printers 1 printing To go and 1 printing only Dine in.

How to you connect the to go button to the ticket. I see the button the left but it does not go on ticket.

Paula B