How to have different button size on the same menu and how to change the buttons under the order

Ive just been cutomizing the default and have got rid of the Table selection, but cant work out how to change the buttons under the Order i.e. the close button and on the top left the button where you can select customer.

As Well how can you change the button size so some buttons can be bigger sizes than others.

And lastly how do I get edit buttons on the paymetn screen.

  1. Close button etc under the ticket are automation commands that are mapped to under ticket. You can create any buttons you like and place them there (or remove them) by adding the correct mapping to the auto command. This tells samba where you want the button to be place on the pos screen

There is a drop down box in the mapping setting when you edit an auto command that lists the location where you can put buttons. In this case (under the ticket) the are two options, under the ticket row and under the ticket row 2. You can create two rows of buttons under the ticket

  1. The button where you select customer is to do with the customer entity being assigned to your ticket type. If you go to settings and into ticket types and edit the ticket type you will see the entities that are assigned. If you dont want to have that button there and dont need to use the function to add a customer to the ticket then just remove that entity from your ticket type and those buttons will no longer appear on the pos screen

  2. Which button sizes?

  • left hand side of ticket cannot be changed
  • under ticket change width depending on how many buttons are there, so 1 button fills the entire width of the ticket, 2 buttons split in half, 3 buttons split the width into 3 equal sizes etc
  • category and product buttons can be set as number of columns of buttons and button height and that is all done through the menu and product settings (theres a lot of info on this just search the forum)
  1. What do you mean by having edit buttons on payment screen? What buttons do you want there and what do you want them to do?