How to implement an Expiry Date on Gift Cards or Account Transactions

Other Suggestions:

Task Manager?

Custom Created Table?

Custom field on entity for a JSON formatted log of credits with remaining amount and expiry, which are ‘tallied’ and updated on payment processed.
Tasks was something I thought about maybe suggesting looking into viability.

Yes I put a query out to my support desk to set what a maximum log of current credits would be as old items could be overwritten. Using this method, however, how can we:

  1. Tally the available Credit for 1 Members so when they swipe it instantly tells the operator?
  2. Tally all the Members Credit?
  3. Use the Credit SUM Total at the Settle Screen like we do Payment Type Accounts?


I don’t really have anything for you, but suffice it to say: the SQL would be the “easy” part. You need to find a way to track things first, and Tasks are designed for this, so that is what I would start experimenting with.

If you can work out the logic even in pseudo-code for what needs to be stored in a Task for the Entity based on what you need to check on a periodic basis (ie. App Started), then use GraphQL to query and update Tasks via JScript with some SQL to handle Transactions.

It is the logic you need to sort out first. We may not have the exact features you need to do this now, but we do have the tools and power to get it done, regardless.

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Ok thanks people not unless Emre has something more to add I will venture into this in the coming few months on this post. It has to be done, so it will get done…

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