How to Inactive Hide Kitchen Screen?

I have the kithcen entity working on the my sambapos but for time being i want to disable or hide it.

i also want to change the state when we order food? like for now when i order the table state will change color and only when i click on order ready it will enable the deliver button on menu and change table color.

when i order food i just want it to print order in kitchen and change the table color to green and enable the delivered button .

may i knw how do i do these two steps?

Hi There,

Adding on to this thread. I am wondering how do we have the ability to split the status of the Order in the following manner :- a) When Order is placed. Kitchen display gets updated. b) Kitchen sees order- prepares ‘Entree’ and clicks partial “Ready” without closing the complete order. c) Only be able to close ticket when Entree/Main/ and possibly dessert has been completed.

Thank you in advance

no solution so far !!!

i also need help in states?? when i close ticket i dont want it to goto kitchen entity screen just print order in kitchen. i know i have to change the command in ticket closing rule but how i dont know?

can anyone help me with this?

In the New Ticket Creating Rule - Remove Action 'Update Ticket Status (K) ’

that should do it I think - you would need to try it .

To hide it I think you would just need to remove the entity screen from 'entities>entity screens

with regards to setting partial orders as ready - you need to wait for an expert to reply - I’m still learning :smile:

good luck!

To hide any Entity Screens all you need to do is Remove the Mappings.
For Kitchen, Select Kitchen under Entity Screens, Select Kitchen, Select Mappings then remove (delete) the mappings. if you need to reinstate then all you need to do is Add the mappings for required departments (if you more than one departments, * means its mapped to all departments, roles etc…)