How to keep a table open even if the account does not have a balance

my client have a tables but the style of restaurant is pay when receive item (like food service) but need close the table until the client leave restaurant (to record time client on tables). I review a help of hotel entity and is very close need but very complex, now need just confirm or close the table until clients leave to begin new persons.

how i can make this task

like this… of course when the people leave need checkout .

Can you elaborate, so your using accounts for tables?

So the tables are occupied by entity States. To do what you want you simply need to redo the State flow. By default it resets the state to Available on payment you need to alter that so it sets it to available state by some other trigger, perhaps a command you make when customer is done you press it.

Word of advice you are dealing with State Flows which will cause all kinds of havoc on your system if you are not sure of what you are doing. I highly recommend you studying States specifically Entity States. There is a ton of information on the forum about it.

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i think is best option is not change on payment and add a button to close table. i review how make this. tanks.