How to link a product to a button automation in the entity screen

how to link a product to a button automation in the entity screen
how to link a product to a html page offline

A button can be created in the entity screen, like a table. Search for floorplan to get any idea how to achieve.

I can understand the first page to link to a website what is possible in V5 (not sure V4 can do this)
Linking to an Offline HTML website ??? This is not going to work I would believe. There is a simple video how to do the setup.

Do you mean a page in SambaPOS with 3 Room Pictures working as a button and then go to the Payment screen?

yes Peter_Cijsouw that’s exactly what I intend to set up

Create an Automation Command for each of your products.

Place the Automation Commands Buttons on a Custom Entity Screen.

Edit the Settings for the buttons to define Command Name and Command Value.

Create Rules for Automation Command Executed for the buttons with constraints that correlate to the settings on the Entity Screen.

Within those Rules, use Add Order Action to add a product to the Ticket.

The HTML Viewer Widget can be used to show online or offline webpages. You could size the viewer such that it does not take up the entire screen and place automation command buttons above, below, beside (near) each of you room pictures.

You will not be able to make the page interact with SambaPOS in most cases with v4. It may be possible in v5 via scripting and some Helper Objects.

Yes a little advanced but inside HTML Viewer Widget we can access few SambaPOS functions.

Enabling widget’s Scriptable setting will enable this feature.



Displays in HTML Viewer

Clicking Click Me button executes automation command.

Rule Setup

I hope you’ll be able to connect pieces.

PS: @QMcKay sorry for publishing your wifi password. still working on your setup :wink:

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That’s pretty awesome! I forgot about that! Way back in Oct.2014 you made that feature.

P.S. @emre, no worries on the secretpw for WiFi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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