How to make a configuration task?

I’m in the midst of writing up a tutorial based on the implementation of a different type of dine in an take away ideal for restaurants and fast food alike…

Ive seen in tutorials that there is an option to directly import all the actions, rules and automation commands into a configuration task which can be uploaded into samba via URL which is inbuilt.

I want to know how about we could do this? Any idea where to look or start? I can see github is used to upload and download the tasks. But would like to know how to put all the steps of a tutorial together like some have done

First step is to register your own GitHub repository. Once you have done that study the format that I store mine here:

You will notice I have several links setup one has all of my tasks and then I also have links setup for individual tasks.

Once you have your repository setup you can start creating then posting the tasks. You simply create a new Config Task from within SambaPOS and then when finished with it you export the task using Database Tools and export it as a TXT file then copy the contents of that file and paste it into a gist in your respository. You link the gists with config files and you can get idea of how that works by looking at mine.

Version is where you put compatible database versions this allows you to limit config tasks to specific database versions just in case new features only available in newer updates are required or if its supported with older versions as well.


I do not find “add” or “create” Config Task in the Configuration Tasks screen.
I only have “Edit Tasks” and “Update”

Click “Edit Tasks” then click “Add Configuration Task”

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:sweat_smile: Stupid me, expecting the choice to be on the same level as Edit. LOL.