How to make Coupon Item change total to **COUPON**

So the first example is how it looks after you have redeemed coupon? So basically it doesn’t show anything about the coupon?

Can you show some screenshots of your POS screen before and after using your coupon?

We can probably configure your Print Template to output how you want.

Thanks kendash, screenshots are on the way…

This is after redeemed.

Ok can you show me your Ticket Template for the receipt you give the customer.

And this is the Print Bill looks like:

This is my Print Bill template:

– General layout
– Ticket
– Time:{TIME}
– Ticket No:{TICKET NO}

– [Total Gift:|{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]
[Tong FREE:|[=F(TN(’{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}’),’#,##0’)]]
Tong Cong:|[=F(TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’),’#,##0’)]

– T H A N K Y O U



– Default format for orders
- {NAME}|{QUANTITY} | [=F(TN(’{PRICE}’),’#,##0’)] | [=F(TN(’{TOTAL PRICE}’),’#,##0’)]

– Format for gifted orders
- {NAME}|{QUANTITY} | [=F(TN(’{PRICE}’),’#,##0’)] | FREE

– Nothing will print for void lines

– Format for order tags

– [ENTITIES:Table]
– Table entity format

– Customer entity format
Customer: {ENTITY NAME} | {ENTITY DATA:Phone}

One final request can I see the rule your using to redeem the coupon. Expand the actions so i can see your variables.

Just a moment pls :smiley: I wonder if you mean this one?

Maybe explain how the coupons are added… What state are you using? I noticed you had coupon number on the order state and you had FREE listed in the state

  1. I sell a product name “VIT LON Cai Coupon”, its tag is “VIT LON Cai”
  2. When code is typed into cash screen, the code is redeemed and “VIT LON Cai” appears on screen in Blue color.
  3. When Print Bill and Settle, everything is correct, it is just I want the price of “VIT LON Cai” shown as Coupon rather than its actual price.

The FREE state is what I changed for the GIFT default state. 'Cause, our customers might not understand what GIFT means.

Also, I don’t allow Order Tag appears on my Bill because we have so many Order Tag which will make the Bill look so long and hard to check. btw, our Order Tags are always free.

I was trying to understand how your handling it so I can figure out how to call it in the template. So your using the GIft State. OK give me moment.

Yeah, thanks so much kendash. :smiley: You’re right, FREE is just a replacement word for GIFT in my case. Under the skin, it’s still Gift.

Is this where you are attempting to display the coupon?

I want it to be shown in line and in total if possible. Because I have item price in our Bill. It should look like this:

Product A…2…2000…4000
Product B…1…9000…Coupon

Tong Free: 9000
Tong Cong: 4000

When you say total… your meaning price?

Ok I understand your flow now… So your listing Order Price and then Order Total for each line? But if its a coupon instead of listing Order Total you want it to say Coupon

It might be much better if it’s shown like this:

Product A…2…2000…4000
Product B…1…9000…Coupon <= this is redeemed coupon
Product C…1…5000… Free <= this is Gift

Tong Coupon: 9000
Tong Free: 5000
Tong Cong: 4000

Ok so your using Gift and Coupon’s both. You want it to say Free if it was gifted an Coupon if it was coupon where Order Total normally is? Right?

And you want the Order’s price to remain unchanged

Ok give me a minute I will see what is possible.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean kendash. :sunny: