How to make customer information

Hi, Currently i’m using fast food setup, which doesn’t use table and customer.
So i only see menu screen and payment screen.

But can i add customer information while they chose menu?
such as how many person, what kind of group (student, teen, 40’s)?

I tired to search on this issue, but difficult to find topic relating this. Or difficult to find the better word describing this.

If anyone already tried this please help me on this.

Thank you

It depends what kind of information you want to store, if its just the size of the party and group then you can use ticket tags. If you want all information eg name address tel number then you need to create a new entity and store those details

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Super quick help!
I think that is just what i was looking for.
I’ll try it first, thank you!

No problem, Im just learning too. Glad I could help.