How to mark tickets and delete later?

I need to make this function:

  1. Use automation command to mark ticket;
  2. Use automation command (or script) for deleting marked tickets (and transactions);

Also, deleting via the SQL script is appropriate.

That is odd most people dont want data removed. If you try removing specific tickets… that will mess up the order numbers, ticket numbers etc… thats not a good idea.

It also affects transaction documents etc.

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There is also very few genuine reasons for needing to delete a ticket or transaction.
It’s purposefully not a click of a button as it generally encourages fraud.

Perhaps explain what your trying to achive.

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The only reason I know for doing that is to pay less tax. That is illegal everywhere in the world, SambaPOS does not and can not offer that service.

There are ways you can do it by creating database scripts but it is at your own risk, if you don’t know what you are doing you will break the database and your SambaPOS will not work anymore.

Consider the country you live in, consider the taxes you pay to your government and the services you receive. If you / your client does not like paying the taxes in the country they live, consider not running a business… :wink: