How to one more zero in currency definition?

how to add one more zero in currency definition in printing bills?
for example in printed bill shows BD 2.00
and i want add like this BD 2.000

Those are the same? Did you mean 2.000? are bill is printing 2.00.
i want to change like 2.000

Why the double post?

how to do that? how to enable this three decimal?

You can’t. SambaPOS only supports 2 decimals for currency at this time.

@emre, any chance there will be support for 3 or more decimals in future versions?

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In which country prices are three decimals (eg. 2.511) ? Does BD stands for Bahrain Dinar?

Yes.BD means Bahraini dinar.and this currency carries 3 decimal.
for example 2.000

Hmm. So unlike usual currencies Bahrain Dinar divides to 1000 minor currencies (fils).

Currently not possible but I’ll check if we can support that.