How to pin Network printer to a particular terminal

I have a server and four clients

I have a server four clients,and i also have indoor and outside bar with there respective bar printer connected via Ethernet…there are two terminals outdoor and two indoor,and i want the two terminals outdoor to print to bar order directly to outdoor bar printer.How do i pin the terminal to respective printer that will not duplicate printing on others printer??

If you add printers to windows on relative machine and name the printer in windows to the same over all 4 terminals like ticket printer and set ticket printer name in samba it will print accordingly.
Alternatively setup both printers on all terminals and use print job mapping to set terminal to printer that way.
Samba just looks to windows printers by name. So the first option each terminal would just look for ‘receipt printer’ locally and how you setup in windows defines which prints where.
The seccond option you setup printer with name in windows relative to the location, and create a printer for each printer in samba and use print job mapping to define which terminals look for which printer name.