How to print {PAYMENT AMOUNT} only?

how i can print like this the {PAYMENT AMOUNT} price?

thx for answers!

That tag is only available inside payments format section. It’s also not working in your call I’m willing to bet.

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hi @Jesse,
and how can i use it then for me if i want to print only the “payment amount” ?

You need to use that tag in the [PAYMENTS] section, as @Jesse has explained.

Something like this:


<L00>  {TICKET TAG:whatever}    {TICKET TAG:whatever2}
<L00>  34-2626-234     something something
<L00>  {CALL:num.numToSpanish('{PAYMENT AMOUNT}')}
<L00>                      x

You can also use something like {TENDERED} in the main [LAYOUT] section. Maybe that is what you are looking for.

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Im thinking this would be interesting for multiple payments per ticket… would it not print a list or rather the whole template multiple time (once per payment made to ticket) meaning 3rd payment would be 3 prints on one printout - one for each payment.

hi @QMcKay
i did it this way but if i have two payments it prints it double

i proved it also with {TENDERED} its the same like {PAYMENT AMOUNT} its only working in [PAYMENS] Part

They are both payment tags, PAYMENT TOTAL and TENDERED TOTAL are the ticket total equivalents for all payments.

You can do ticket level payment total by type but same issue if multiple payments are of same type.

I think you might need to be more creative and store some local setting values updated on payment procedded before the print action and use those to get the effect your looking for… or posibly some other ticket level value like a lastPayment ticket tag

OR maybe get creative with a report expression to report ticket payment and add expressions to only show most recent…

how i can use the reports for this can you show me an example?

no lol, it was an idea, not something I have done

REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS possibly, pretty sure there is a way to only show first and if you order by time and add a expression for ticket id… just ideas, not tried.

hmmm… interesting i will have a look…

If it’s just a payment receipt on payment process your looking for the tag or setting might be simpler if not so hot with reports.
You could remove tag after print easily enough, it’s just a way to create a ticket level value for a single event which can be repeated.
Could be tag or state or other, could be setting also.

im dont understanding this with my english… :slight_smile:
i worked a little bit with reports but its not enough knowing for this can you show me an example please…

Use {PAYMENT TOTAL} tag. Or you can also use {PAYMENT TOTAL:X} tag if you want total for a specific payment type.

Here you can find all available tags that can be used.

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hi @emre
i did it this way but then is showing all payment amounts from the ticket.

Best way to translate your request I think would be ‘account transaction receipt for ticket payments’.
I think you will need to use the tag or setting idea fromabove to achieve.