How to print product header instead of full product name

I have created a menu, and i have changed the headers in “change product properties”, obviously this change the name on the button in the POS screen.

is it possible to print this header value instead of the full name on the kitchen print?

also is it possible to change font as my kitchen staff are having trouble reading the default font thanks.

  1. Printing button headers not possible. You can create custom product tags and print these tags on your kitchen printout.
  2. Please give more details about your current printer configuration and if possible include a screen shot so we can understand why it prints small fonts.

Thanks Emre.

It’s printing fine, I was just wondering if it was possible to change the font to a different style that is easier to read, like Arial or something

@yousufjam what printer type are you using? If it is HTML printer read [New 4.1.18] HTML Printer Improvements topic for changing fonts.