How to Print split bill

Hi i need help one table i need to split in 3
Eg $150 split in to 3 each split bill value in $50 i need to print bill for $50 before the customer pay how can i do this. in this order only 1 item price is $150.00

You’ll want to select the order items for the split, and then select ‘Move’ on the left-hand side of the ticket lister. This will move those orders to a new ticket but keep them under the same table entity. You can then print the bills individually

I think he wants to split 1 item across 3 ways. Currently we can not split items hopefully we can in the future soon. But what you can do is put a Print on Payment processed and you can do partial payments at the Payment screen. There is a button that will split it 3ways.

Here is a video to demonstrate.

Based on @Jesse’s video, you can also simplify it more by using the “last amount” button after the first split (i.e. the button with 6.33 on it):