How to report total order tag value of an order tag

So i have an order tag setup as Promotion

I have setup some order discounts using the new X for £Y which uses the order tag Promotion to apply the discount across the orders.

My example is 2x £5 Cocktails for £8, this works perfect, i can report of the discounted amount in ticket template, but when in a report template trying to make a report i canr work out the correct report tag and expression to use to add up the total discounted value from the Promotion order tag

so in a ticket template its really easy i can use {ORDER TAG TOTAL:Promotion} to add up the total discounted amount. This can be seen as £1.90 in the report below on the Discounts line


BUT what i need to do is show this exact same value but in a report template, i just cant work out the correct expression to use

Ive tried vaious combinations of {REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:X} etc but i cant get it to work anyone know the correct expression?

Try adding .sum to end of your field

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