How to reset everything ready for production?

Ok, I would like to remove all transactions, set all accounts to $0
And lastly reset all my entitie Students custom field Points to 0.

How is the best way to do this.


Then Management -> Settings -> Database Tools -> Clear Database Transactions.

Your points on a custom field would need automation. If you sort that out please let me know as I am sure you :smile:have the tools to do that

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Im guessing jsut a db query would do it, tho custom data is in JSON format so its not the best… I think Id be able to work out witht he Jscript helpers…

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Pretty sure clear database transactions does just that, transactions and accounts etc.
If points are in custom fields these will not be cleared as part of that.

Running v5.1.60 and I don’t see “Clear Database Transactions”.

Suggestions how to clear for production?