How to restrict account screen navigations?


I wanted to restrict permission/disable account screen for certain user role. I have a cashier that can navigate current day report but at the same time, I want to restrict/disable the account screen. Is there a way to do this?


In users and role settings there are tick boxes to select ehat you want different roles to be able to do

Edit your roles and you should see them

I did that, and it’s either turning only the report off and it will not show the account screen or it comes together with the account screen. I want just the report and then gray out the account screen. Can anyone enlighten me on this?

thanks :slight_smile:

You can not do this right now. But the ability to do this with more control is coming with a future release.

Can’t wait for the next brilliant release of this amazing software :slight_smile:

Here is a peak of the optional new Navigation that will be available in Version 5 when it releases. Every button you see can be mapped to specific user. So your users can each have their own custom Navigation. Keep in mind your seeing something thats unfinished and in heavy testing right now.

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