How to select orders with automation command?


Our kitchen are very sensitive people and they want kitchen order to be separated by groups (Appetizers, Second Course, Main Course, Desserts) otherwise they having heart attack. Right now I’ve created automation command which tags selected items with necessary tag (Appetizer, Second Course, etc.) and I grouping orders in printer template, so it is ok for kitchen. But it takes some time for waiters to select items and tag them. Is there any way to do next: waiter adding to ticket appetizers fist, then presses button Appetizer and all orders without tags getting tagged Appetizers. Next waiter adding main course and then presses button Main Course and all orders without tags getting tagged Main Courses.

I was looking into actions and couldn’t find anything about create selection. Maybe I missed something.

  1. First of all implement course selection and grouping with order states instead of order tags.
  2. While adding orders update order’s first course state to something appropriate like Unknown, Not Selected or Default.
  3. Update Order State action accepts Current State parameter for filtering orders so you can update order’s states that have default state to a real state like Main, Desserts, etc.

You can also improve Close button’s implementation to show a warning if there are orders left with default state.

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Thanks much. That is very good idea.

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