How to send command to printer to print the logo on receipt


I have the Star TSP700II
Firstly I couldn’t set it up to ESC/POS so I chose the HTML, now it prints the Logo on the left side of the receipt, I can’t center it with the, only way I could think of to send a command to printer to print the logo on the top the receipt but I really don’t know how.
I can store the logo into the printer via printer utility. if anyone could suggest something better please.

Thank you

For HTML I would assume typing>
<center>img src:(location of logo)<\center>
Would do the trick

Thanks you so much for the help.
I have tried but it didn’t work.
this is part of the script
– General layout

How would you add on this ?

-- General layout
<L>{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Address} {ENTITY DATA:Customer:Street}, {ENTITY DATA:Customer:Town} 
<L>{ENTITY DATA:Customer:PostCode}

Thank you Kendash,
I have tried but it won’t work if you try to align the png logo.
It works with the text but not the image.

i was wondering if you could help me, how to send a command the printer to print the logo I have stored logo on the printer.
Star TSP700II printer

Thank you

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