How to send message on mobile if order get voided

i would like to send a message to owner if a order get voided…may i know how is that possible?

thanks in advance

any suggestions for the above feature?

You can send email message if a order get voided. Use rules and send email action.

ohk Thanks.

What if we want to send messages?
Is there any website from which we can send free messages.

Yes i think using url printer. This allows the printer to send output to an external site.
I do not really know more than that. I’ll try to find more information about it

is there any free sms sender website ?

I searched and could not find a free website. The ideal solution is simple, send email and on the owner smartphone to install app such as mailbox. It pulls messages from the server in real time and displays them like sms. It works great for me. Try it maybe it will be good and will save you unnecessary costs for SMS Services.

Don’t use free sms services to send sms to your customers. Most free services does it to gather valid phone numbers for advertising.

thankyou for your suggestions