How to set Reports View System according Terminal

Hi, How can i manage Reports view system according to terminal like
Restaurant Terminal can see reports of sale by “Restaurant Terminal” and Take Away terminal can see reports of Sale by “Take Away Terminal”.

They Can not see each other’s reports.

You need to offer more info.
How are terminal defined? Just by terminal id/name? No tags or departments configured?

How do you mean can’t see each other’s reports? You mean that’s what’s happening or what you want?

leave terminal come to the department. i want that Restaurant department can see their reports and Coffee Bar can see their reports but in server we can see complete reports of all departments

For Example i have two terminal for two Departments
2.Coffee Bar

at PC/Terminal of Restaurant user can see just restaurant sale
at PC/Terminal of Coffee Bar user can see just Coffee Bar sale

but at Admin PC/Server we can see all reports.

Create a custom entity screen for each terminal and map it specifically to that terminal only and then use the custom report widget to put whatever reports you want in that screen. You will then need to filter your reports for that terminal following Custom reports syntax found here.

Yes it will require you to study it and figure out how to use the syntax but the more you learn the better you can support your business. Since you seem to be a reseller I strongly suggest you bookmark that wiki and study that.


Thanks for this help but in custom entity screen i can view reports in custom report viewer as i want but how can i print.

@Castech you might need this as well.