How to settle with no print

I sell few small value items from counter, customers do not care about a receipt, no KOT is required too, but need to register the sale.

By default it does not print a receipt on settle… I can’t quite understand what your asking.

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I have this issue also, i have some order that i make cash payment and i do not need to print receipt.

How i should handel this ? note that i’m configuring if ticket left to pay = 0 => print receipt.

Thanks in advance

Look here …

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You can do many options;

Ask question for print or not
Specify a payment type
Specify a payment or ticket total amount

I have on mine a print receipt option on the change ask question along with a forced print for all card payments and cash over £20


It still prints a kot. May be something is wrongly configured on my system


Without knowing what you have configured how can we know where you went wrong :wink:

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By default, this Rule prints the KOT - it does not matter if you just close the Ticket or Settle it, the same thing happens, because Settling a Ticket also closes it:

You can remove the Print Action from the Rule or just Constrain it so that it never fires …


KOT was referring to kitchen LOL wasn’t sure the mention of receipt made me think terminology mix up.
If particular items don’t require a kitchen print change the mapping so they are not included.
Removing or disabling the action will mean NO kitchen print at all!