How to setup enter cash amount for fast payment

hi I was looking for how to make a button to enter cash amount for fast payment.
I could not find it. :sweat:


Search the forum on Fast Payment.
I know Emre is reorganizing the Forum and Split this in V4 and V5
Just check the following links.

Hi I already read that topic still can’t find what I want to do. I need to make button to enter cash amount for the fast payment . Thanks :smile:

The idea of fast payment buttons is that you are not required to enter an amount. That’s what makes it “fast”.

If you want to be able to enter an amount, just use the default Payment Screen by clicking the Settle button.

I just try not to use a payment screen. If it not possible that ok. Thanks :slight_smile:

It is possible of course.

The FastPay button is an Automation Command.

Create a Rule for Automation Command Executed, and place a Pay Ticket Action in it with a [?prompt] for the amount.

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Thank you. I will try that. :grinning:

I have done what your trying to do.
On the rule for the CASH button I set two payment actions, one which tendered exact amount/ticket total and the other which took the number pad value.
I then constrained the two actions to check if number pad is empty or not.
If empty cash button tendered exact cash.
If number pad has a value it tendered that amount cash.

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If you any help with it give me a shout and i can share my setup, i do exactly what youre asking and i dont use the payment screen at all :slight_smile:

Here are my constraints for the two ‘CASH’ button actions.
I have mine setup where all the fast payment buttons route through a second automation command rule as have many constraints on the actual button rules to do with number of new and food items with kitchen print confirmations etc but the constraints on these two actions would allow you to have a single cash button which either tendered exact amount or the value entered in the numberpad.

If you are taking straight from the automation command button you would only be looking at the second part of the constraint after the &&

Just encase here is the action.


Thank You everyone :smile:

Hello RickH,

First of all thanks for all the tutorial you have posted here, they have been tremendous help.

I have few questions regarding your Fast Payment setup you have posted here: Change Due message box

How did you set up the confirmation part? I couldn’t find it anywhere.


If you go to the automation command settings you can select admin pin to restrict use of any button and there is also an option for confirmation, select confirmation and that popup will automatically appear :slight_smile:


So, How can i translate this pop up ? :slight_smile:

You cant unless you use samba in one of the translations already created in V5, that message is hard coded

Sure im using v5 but if u mean i can translate samba myself with local files its ok for me :slight_smile:

V5 has translation support. More languages added all the time and version 5.1.61 will contain a bunch of new languages.

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@Jesse if i need to use samba to lao language how can i do?

The project is here

@emre can help you if you wish to submit translation.

i need to translation . but i don understand how to translation