How to setup up 2 different prices for same product, depending on Customer

HI there

I have a big Event coming up next weekend and offer for a certain customer group (which have badges) a different menu price, meanwhile “normal” customer keep paying the standard prices…

Means offering the same menu items 2 times, normal menu price and the discounted.
The Discount in % is NOT an option, bcs I need fix prices for selected (50) products, like agreed with the event agency, not any Discount % . Also Is not a fix discount rate. Its vary from aprox 2 to 15%.

I saw in forum a similar issue, but was also suggested the discount button or make new products…

So my question:

Is the only option? Create a “second price list”, a new Menu class, which includes create 50 “new” products, means also for my Warehouse must create 50 new Inventory Items and Recipes… ?

Is a lot programming … any other, smarter idea? :grinning:

Thank you!!

yes you can create a seconde, or third, or fourth price list.
If you can identify your customers in samba, you have all solved

you will start by adding a price list

all your price list will be in columns here

then you will add in customers a custom field to indentify the badges:

then you will create rules

  1. when a client is selected and he has a badge you will change the price list

will try to show in a minute, just busy with customers now…

you can look here if it helps:



Yes would be great if you can show me the rules, bcs the posted link not really helpful …

THX in advance!!

it should be, there shows you how to cahnge list price… with an action…
sorry, I am not at restaurant today, so will be difficult without samba

using the search function, found some topics that may help you:



Well I have to confess that I am lausz stupid in creating rules and Actions…

I understand the function of them, but not the syntax.

So here is what I did so far:

a) Created a new Price Definition - Tag (HD)

b) added a new pricelist

c) added an Customer called Harley

e) and add a field named “Badge” in Entity Types

So my Idea, each time my staff identify a customer / table with HARLEY the price list should change to Price “HD”

Now I “ONLY” need help of you to create me respective RULE and Actions, right?

Thank you so much!




I did following

e) Create the ACTION

I named the action “Change Price List”, with following parameters:

f) Create a RULE , I call “Change Price List” with following parameters…

SO far works great BUT I JUST see now the changed price is for ALL CUSTOMERS :fearful:

Even not selected my “Harley” customer get “HD” prices …!!

How can make the rule distingue between selected Customer (BADGE) and NO Badge…?

PLEASE HELP! :confounded:

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Did you see this one?

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I did not see that one in my search…