How to show GloriaFood scheduled order time on tickets?

Is it possible to show GloriaFood scheduled order time on SambaPOS tickets? I tried testing several commands from the printer template help list with no luck. Ideally, I’d like to be able have the scheduled time automatically printed on kitchen tickets. Thanks in advance.


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Are you using the official integrations? Yes its possible I show it on mine.

Yes, the paid official integration.

Ok I can share with you when I get back to the office. Currently out babysitting my 3 kids while wife Christmas shops. And one of them is climbing upside down on my head right now in the truck.


Lol, sounds like you’re having a blast :grin:

Oh it really is me spanking everything that moves and needing lots of water for sore throat from yelling at them so much that I cannot feel my face.


Ok thinking of letting mcdonnalds baby sit them for a bit


I use this expression to set a ticket tag.

[=FD(ADS('{TICKET DATE:HH:mm}',+{TICKET TAG:Pickup Minutes}*60),'hh:mm tt')]

Thank you Jesse, but I’m struggling on how to implement that expression. This is what I’ve come up with so far but I think it’s probably pretty far off from the correct method.

Creating an Action
Action Name: GloriaFood Pickup Time Tag Action
Action Type: Update Ticket Tag
Tag Name: Pickup Minutes
Tag Value: [:Pickup Minutes]

Create a Rule
Rule Name: GloriaFood Pickup Time Tag Rule
Event Name: Ticket Created
Select Action: GloriaFood Pickup Time Tag Action
Pickup Minutes: [=FD(ADS(’{TICKET DATE:HH:mm}’,+{TICKET TAG:Pickup Minutes}*60),‘hh:mm tt’)]

Then in the Printer Template I added the following: {TICKET TAG:Pickup Minutes}

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Looks good to me… Try it and let us know if that works.

I got it to work, {TICKET TAG:Pickup Minutes} had a typo in the printer template…
Thank you very much @Jesse.

Btw, is it possible to change Ticket Tag to show the actual time it needs to be completed by since the {TICKET TAG:Pickup Minutes} is static and won’t be able to update on the Kitchen Display. That way it shows as “Pickup at 4:30” instead of “Pickup in 30 Minutes”

Yes just convert it. Use Math and similar expression on it.

I’m not sure how to implement that at this time but I plan on learning javascript in my free time. Thanks for your help so far Jesse, SambaPOS has been a rewarding learning experience.

So ive been trying to follow all these Pickup Time tutorials on here but they are all old and nothing seems complete… Anybody have a updated tutorial on how to get this setup and working?

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Hello Jesse i tried this tag its showing in total minutes like 340 , i want date, time need help
[=FD(ADS('{TICKET DATE:HH:mm}',+{TICKET TAG:Pickup Minutes}*60),'hh:mm tt')]


Try manually typing the apostrophes?

I’m quite confused with this function,

As I understand it should take the time the order dropped in seconds, add the pickup minutes multiplied by 60 (to get the seconds) and formatting it as HH:MM tt.

I’m still getting just the minutes to pickup instead to the pickup time.

is {TICKET TAG:Pickup Minutes} a tag created by the API?
should I be making a different tag name for the fulfillment time?

@VehbiEmiroglu , Need help printed Pickup later as it is in gloria ( Date Time ) , some times pre orders comes few hours or a days before , need to be notified as i tried the pickup minutes which is only counts total minutes .
Also i cannot assign deliveres, when clicked nothing happens
Map popup not working , i changed map url to my address however its a blank screen with close button.

Do you want only help with printer templates? I didnt understandr clearly. Excuse me.

I know what he wants. I’ve already done it in my setup. I’ll post what I did when I get to my restaurant today.

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