How to show items count on screen?

could you tell me how can i do to show the total items quantity on screen?thanks

You could do this as a ticket tag i think that update each time an order is added by using an order added rule with actions to update ticket tag by the number of orders on ticket with a refresh ticket action also in the rule

Ill have a quick look at it an do some screenshots

Thank you! please do some screenshots.

heres the setup

Create a ticket tag MAIN MENU>MANAGE>TICKETS>TICKET TAGS and create the following (no need for mappings)

Then create the following UPDATE TICKET TAG action

Tag Name is the name of the ticket tag you just created, select from dropdown box
Tag Value use the variable [:Number of Items] as we will set this value in the rule we will create

Create a refresh ticket action (if you dont already have it)

finally create an ORDER ADDED TO TICKET rule to tie everything together

Use {TICKET QUANTITY SUM} as the variable in the action

This is what it will look like on screen

add more items…

and more…

ill add a database file in a sec


backup database first but heres the file

Number of (971 Bytes)

I know that the ticket tag is quite small, i think we could make it larger with more formatting by using the shell header

Im away from pc right now so later on ill try the setup using the shell header and see if that would look better :smile:

But for now at least the setup i showed you above will do what you need :slight_smile:

Take a look at this action.

Put it in the Ticket Total Changed event.

Here is the action I setup in that ScreenShot.


That was exactly what i was thinking, you stole my thunder there haha!!

Im going to implement this myself too :slight_smile:

In fact on the ticket tag setup i did above it would be better to use a ticket total changed rule instead of order added as if you then remove an order line the actions wont kick in to reduce the number of items as it only works when an order is added not taken away

The ticket total change rule wouldnt matter if an order is added or removed the number of items should update for both


then you will need another update application subtitle action leaving everything blank except setting put title location as ticket title. put this is a ticket closed rule so that when you open a new ticket the header is blank and doesnt display the previous sales item count

@RickH if you put it in Ticket Total Changed when you make a new ticket it will show 0 for items… What is the issue with it showing with 0 items? It will not show previous ticket count it will show 0 because new ticket total is 0. There is no need for another rules.

i have users log in and it goes straight to pos screen, no ticket is created yet until an order is added and the header shows the previous sales details which i dont want, so ive set the header to clear on ticket closed (i remember when that action first came out, i always had the last sales details there until an order was added, creating a new ticket)

ive also updated it to show ticket total as i feel is a bit easier to see than in red at the bottom of the ticket :smile:

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@Jesse is there any formatting i can use to display only 2 decimal places in ticket header?? so for example £2.375 shows as £2.38

Yes try [=F('{TICKET TOTAL}')]

doesnt work, that stops the header being displayed at all, i think the square brackets block the header from showing

@rickh remember when using expressions you have to use variable in action set expression in action inside rule.

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rookie error!! lol thanks i usually use variables too, dont know why i didnt this time lol

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Thank you very much for helping!

Kendash ,this action is not working for me,i don´t know where i am missing

Show me your action please.