How to split work period when I forgot to close a prior period?

I forgot to close a period - how do I split after the next one started

How did you manage to Start a Workperiod before closing the Previous Workperiod? SambaPOS does not allow you to do that by default.

In any case, what do you mean by “split”? Give more detail.

I think he mean the next day they just continue adding order without start/close work period. So, the work period span 2 days or more.

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There is no simple way to recover from that.

It is possible to fix it by running a bunch of SQL queries against the DB to change the Date fields of records in several tables, but it is not worth the trouble.

Best to just chalk it up to a mistake, close the WP, and start a new one.

After that, you might want to look into using Virtual Workperiods that were introduced in v5.1.62 (see the release Topic). They are designed for auto-close.

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Yes that is what I mean.

Thanks. In this case I probably need to create a button with some SQL for this type of scenario in a management entity screen.

At a set time my till pops up and suggests a work period close with the option to print a daily report.

Easy to do and made the staff life a lot easier.

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