How to STOP auto ticket printing when changing tables?

How can I stop auto ticket printing when I hit “Close” on the table order? because the employee needs to change between tables. Please Help :frowning:

Check Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job action
order Stat should be new
So that it prints to the kitchen only when there is a new order at the table

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Thanks you for the help but my problem is when adding an item and going on to other tables the printer always prints a new receipt without asking for the print receipt.

You can add a rule to close ticket action so sambapos will ask you if you want to print ticket or not when an item is added.
If you have database tools module i can prepare the export file and send it to you.

The reason its doing tho behavior is it seems you have a print bill action in the ticket closed or closing or before closing event. When you Chang tables it has to close ticket to do it. Really think through your flow you want and be sure you insert your print command when you want it to print.