How to stop merging tickets from different users

I recently had an issue with wrong merging of tickets across users.Is there a way to limit merging that you can only merge tickets printed by the same user?Help much appreciated.

There is a user role priverlage option relating to other users tickets.
Not sure of all the related constraints but I’d start by looking at that.

Could these be the ones you are reffering to above?

the merge option isnt user specific
display other waiters tickets seems to fit your request.

the only problem is that its a cashier with admin rights who is merging the tickets.The flow is as below

1.Waiters cannot display each others tickets…is working

  1. Cashier with admin rights can merge tickets…is working

  2. Cashier cannot merge tickets from different waiters…is what am
    looking to solve
    can this be solved by using constraints?

Admin can do anything. Maybe create a roll that they are not admin?

I would not be happy having a user set to admin who isnt obeying rules or not understanding what they are doing…

unfortunately they arent responsible…anyone with an idea how to constraint the merging?

Remove mapping on automation command for merge?

thanks for the response,but wont this stop them from merging completely?
i was thimking in the lines of…im allowed to merge yes as a cashier role,but i can only merge tickets from the same waiter ie…
cashier A has tickets 10 and 11.
cashier B has tickets 12 and 13.
I as the cashier can merge tickets 10 and 11.i can also merge 12 and 13 but i cannot merge 11 and 12.
hope ive made it clear.

Yes it would.
I dont know of a simple way to do this.
Merge is an action rather than an event. You would need to be able to call the details for all tickets asked to be merged (can be more than 2 as you can merge more).
I would expect you may need to put together a custom automation flow for merging rather than using default flow.

The user roles is the best way to restrict this. Someone probably should not have admin role if you don’t plan to enforce it.

do you mind illustrating how… @Jesse?

They dont want to stop all merging, or not display other users tickets, just prevent merging tickets from different ticket users.

Admin will allow all permissions, so if you have set admin the role permissions dont do anything.