How to transfer amount credit card to cash account


I have one wrong entry in my accounts
i want transfer some amount credit card to cash account
if its possible then how
please help
i am using v3…

You can use the reopen closed ticket. It worked for me in V3, however I would recommend upgrading.

I wasn’t aware those Actions became available in V3 - I thought they were V4+.

Still, you should upgrade. Stop fighting it.

Maybe I’m wrong then, If I did have it working it was very close to me upgrading.

Advice, I was constantly playing about with V3 and getting frustrated that I couldn’t do various things. In the end I upgraded to V4, still had problems because I had a till that wasn’t meant to upgrade to Windows7 (which has the .net framework V4 needs).

I ended up upgrading my till to a MUCH faster one. In all it cost me approximately £200 to build my on till from a normal PC. The last 2 weeks I have had record sales at my Cocktail Bar and I can only think its because the transactions are running so much more faster and I no longer have staff queuing up to use the till.

Upgrade, its worth it!


Thank you very much for sharing your SambaPOS experience. Hope to hear more great news soon under a new User Feedback topic.