How to transfer SambaPOS to new PC

Hello, So I currently have one PC in a shop that is using SambaPOS4 and now I want to copy and transfer the data into a new PC. The old PC was set up by the previous shop owner, and I can’t contact him anymore.

Can someone guide through the steps to copy the database. And will all the layout be copied as well?

Go to market, install the triel of the database backup module, restart samba then in settings go to backups and run one.

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It says I need to activate it by logging in, which account is that?

Just use it in trial mode…

Owh I didn’t know you don’t have to activate it. By the way, I tried it with my laptop and the new PC, it worked. I’ll have to go onsite to try it later and see if it works. Thanks.


Hey so i tried the backup and this popped up any clues?
edit: nvm i got it to work.