How to Upgrade v4 Database to a New V5 Database

How to migrate V4 Database to a New V5 Database using Database Backup Module

:exclamation: : REMINDER Always backup your database to a location you know is safe before attempting anything like what is mentioned below. You can temporarily enable V4 database backup module on trial mode to create V4 backup.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings > Database Backups > Settings

Enable Allow overwriting database files if database names does not match during restore. option

Enable Migrate after restoration. option

Step 2

Navigate to Local Settings > Database

Click Edit Connection enter your connection settings but for the Database option enter a NEW database name other than your V4 database. :warning: We recommend using SambaPOS5 as the DB name.

Click Apply it will log you out and when you log back in with 1234 you will be in the new fresh Database.

Step 3

Navigate back to Settings > Database Backups > Backups and import your database.

:mag: If you follow these steps and have trouble please start a new post in the V5 Question category and explain your problem in detail with supporting evidence.


just to be sure.

  • The first picture is done in V4 and it creates a backup zip file
  • The second picture is done in V5 and it creates a new empty database on the SQL server
  • The third picture is also done in V5 and it runs the scripts in the zip file + makes necessary changes to the V4 schema

Is this correct?

Thanks, Ondrej

All steps are done in V5.

Before any of them, use V4 to create a Backup of your V4 DB. (Step 0)

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