How to use Find Missing Recipes under Inventory?


I have added Inventory Items( Items which are purchased directly from vendor)
Now, i want to create Recipes for those inventory items to sell to customer.

When i go to Recipes Under Inventory, i find this button that says FIND MISSING RECIPES
It shows a Dialog Box which shows exactly all the Recipes i need to create individually, i have about 200 Items which have their own Portions,

So if i start creating individual Recipes it will take very very long time to write 500 such recipes.

So, i tried using Find Recipe button, but nothing happens when i click ok on the listed recipes box.

i was hoping it will list all the recipes, and then i can individually open each recipe to assign its inventory item.

Does this find missing recipe for adding the recipes or just to show whats missing ?

Please Help

You are supposed to add all those 500 such recipes …

The button to find missing recipes is exactly what it is, it just says what product is missing a recipe and then you go and create it.


Okay. Understood now.

SO it just displays whats missing. But it wont auto create the recipes.

Is there a way we can auto create recipes based on the Products & its Portions ?

You can create 1 to 1 recipe for products. Right click a product and I think it gives option.

Okay will try that.