How to write æøå

Can anybody tell me how to write æøå on the receipt?
Is it in the Windows driver or SambaPOS4 I make seetings for that?
Is that the character set that desides that?
It works when I choose the HTML in Printer Type. But the letters is very thin and can not be on the paper at all.

What is æøå? Is that the name of your business? If so you can use it as a .BMP file and link it into the printer template as a Logo. Search for Printer in the Forum Search box it will pull up multiple tutorials for printing.

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Codepages, via Google…

I really dont know why I can´t get that to work.
I have this screen dump when I open the printer setting. Here it is written that it is in ESC/POS mode right?
But it still dont write ÆØÅ.

I use character set 1252 in SambaPOS and in the printer setting.

What is it I do wrong?

FINALLY I got it.
It was using the Star Line as standard even if I sat up the ESC/POS modus. How can I make ESC/POS as standard mode?