HTML VIewer and MJPG feed

Hi I am looking at the possibility to display a live feed from our IP security camera on an entity screen, when I set the URL of the camera the browser asks to save the file ‘mjpg’ rather than playing the stream does anyone know if the html viewer browser can support displaying mjpg. the feed works ok in chrome, firefox and VLC. Or is there a way that I can have an entity screen that displays VLC video?

Just a thought … not an issue or important, so no hurry :smile:

If you can prepare a local html file that can display that stream in it and if you can display it with internet explorer it can work in SambaPOS too. I have no experience with security cameras but maybe someone experienced reads this and can help us…

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thanks @emre I will look at ways to embed the object in html maybe using QT add in. I can display the main admin page of the camera which shows the live stream, but it also shows all the camera controls which I want to hide from staff by just having the mjpg stream showing.
When displaying the ‘full’ page I have noticed that quite often I have to quit SambaPOS and re-launch as the page doesn’t display, if I go to another entity tab and then back to the html viewer. I haven’t had this issue when launching the camera page directly from IE. I will keep playing around! Now I know it should work ok if it works in IE at least I know what I need to get working :slight_smile: thanks for your help!

Make sure Auto Refresh is enabled on the Widget.