Html Viewer Auto Login

Hello :smiling_face:
I was hoping to get some assistance with html viewer widget.

I have linked the sonos web app to a html viewer widget to control our sonos speakers.
It requires a login which seems to expire after some time.

Is the best way to automate login to use autohotfix? Are there any other methods that I could use?

Any information would be great

There isn’t any way within SambaPOS that can auto login as far as I am aware. Whilst SambaPOS will be using a version of the Chrome browser to render the HTML, it won’t won’t have access to features common in a web browser like saved passwords, so once the cookie expires, you would need to login again.

I assume you mean AutoHotkey? Yes if you know how to use it, I believe you should be able to write a script to automate the login, however I am not experienced with its use to advise how to do that.


Thank you Markjw!
Your information saved me time trying to find a solution within sambapos.
Yes, I meant AutoHotKey. :sweat_smile:
I will use that to create a script to automate login.
:pray: :heart: