HTML Viewer Upgrade

Hi All-
I’m trying to find a business music provider which I can include the control into the HTML Viewer so staff doesn’t have to leave the POS to change the music. We currently have Pandora Mood and due to their certificate issue I can’t get the HTML viewer to work. I know they could simply open a web browser, but for some reason this has never caught on and they have been using a dedicated tablet for this.

I was testing out RockBot and when loading their login to the HTML Viewer in can’t continue because it wants an updated browser like Chrome. The browser in the viewer appears to be an old verison of IE. Is there any chance this will ever be updated? Not sure if its even possible.


Latest sambapos uses chromium.

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Thanks @Jesse. I had a little older version of 5 running on the test server. 5.3 loads it. I haven’t messed with All of these business streaming musics have shotty software. I might just stick with Pandora/Mood and open an external browser ‘Chrome’ using Start Process. Seems to work ok.


That is Spotify business. It changed names. I use it at my place. Seems OK so far.

I agree with the business version of Spotify being worse than the consumer version.

I think they assume you will buy expensive appliances for it. Spotify business was better before it changed to soundtrackyourbrand