Huge Problem regarding Customer Accounts!

Hey guys…

Huge problem. One of my new cashiers who thought he can handle Samba POS without training did something and messed up one of the customer accounts I have.

While I was away, God knows what he did, but what happened is that this customer owed us 500$. Now when I came back, I found that he cashed in his account a whole 8000$(he didn’t cash in this amount in real cash though) and now we actually owe this customer 7500, or so the system states. I need to do something about this. Anyway we can reverse this? I have lots of open customer accounts and wiping ALL data is not an option. Also, restoring the backup will wipe the entire day’s work and the previous day’s work as well, and I do not want to do that.

Someone please help! :frowning:

So the system says the account owes you 8000? Why not just make a payment and rectify the account?

What exactly did he do, any idea at all? You can always limit cashier access to Accounts if you’d like to prevent it.

Find the transaction and fix it.

See, you’re not reading correctly what I wrote. The system says he has a balance of 7500… we owe him the 7500, not he owes us. That means anything I’ll throw on his account will be deducted from that money and this won’t show what he actually owes us.

This is not a transaction. There is no transaction. He went inside the account, pressed CASH, entered 8000 for some reason. It’s manual money entry. No transaction.

I need to reverse this.

That means there is an account transaction.

So where do I find it? How do I delete it?

Manage, Accounts, Transactions find it and correct it.

I beg to differ :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can also just delete the transaction, correct?

I didn’t even know this existed. You just saved me from wiping all my data out.


P.S So stupid of me, when you said transaction, I thought you meant “ticket”.

Dont just delete it until you look at it. He might have just typed amount wrong. But if you determine you need to delete it then yes you can as long as its not tied to a ticket.

Thank you very much @Jesse for helping me out. Really appreciate this!

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@VMisha try simply -7500 as a payment add note that correction that’s it hope…

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I solved it for him no need to do anything fancy he just fixed the transaction.