Hwo do I generate a report like this

How ca I generate a report ticket wise? like this…

Please guide for this.

First please post images directly into the forum so we can see them, please do not use external links

You need to read up on report tags amd custom reports, if using V4 youll need to purchase the additional custom reports module from samba market, if youve purchased V5 this module comes included at no extra cost (my advice is to purchase and upgrade to V5, i think in V4 the custom report module was $49.95, the V5 licence is $99 so its well worth getting V5 for all the additonal features it has, also V4 no longer has updates as the focus is now on V5)

Heres a link to get you started, but use the search function in the forum theres lots of report examples and and guides you can use and adapt to your needs but you need to read up so you understand them

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