Hybrid Credit Card Integration

I am curious if a Hybrid Credit Card processing is possible with external credit card terminal.


  1. Settle a ticket using Credit Card
  2. SambaPOS sends Waiter ID and Total Ticket Amount to external credit card terminal via USB, RS232 or IP
  3. Swipe credit card on external terminal
  4. Approval or Denial code send back to SambaPOS

This is reduces PCI compliance since it is bypassing POS system.

Please ignore iPad, I am showing the website to explain my idea.


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Credit card processing has been brought up before and believe it is on the board for a future samba marker module,
Think it was more processing card within samba using presumably web based processing facilities.
If your looking to have samba output ticket details to credit card terminal suggest looking into what protocols such a machine would look for and post info you find.
Imagine this may be something @emre may look to implement but we can’t expect him to do everything, see if you can find how these type of machines expect to receive such info and see how it might be taken from there.

Iv already looked into everything your specifically asking for as I thought that could work for alot of restaurants that have the customer pay at the front desk as to the waitress getting the payment from the table.

I can see that and full integration already being possible with jscript. One company I was checking out was cayan. I briefly read through their api and developer page and noticed they exchange information through jscript. So I’m sure with the proper knowledge both could be done.

I like the idea of passing the total amount to a separate cc terminal and getting an approved/declined status back into samba idea. It could definitely be a short term fix for cc integration as it shouldn’t be much work to get done and we don’t need to worry about security on samba’s end.

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The bigger issue in US is PCI compliance. If we integrate credit card processing, it needs to be PCI certified or we add a lot of risk to the merchant. Merchant will be held responsible for non-compliance and CC fraud.

There are new PCI requirements starting October 1st and that is why I am bring this up. Hybrid integration seems to make sense without full PCI certifications. In US PCI certification will cost approximately $10,000. Additionally, it needs to be re-cerificed if major changes are made to CC processing.


What are your thoughts? Do you think this is doable?

yes it is. I think Emre has plans for better API integration.

Great. Thank you. I will wait for Emre. I know he always comes thru with amazing solutions. :smile:

I’m new to the forum and I’m not a sambaPos user but I’m curios about the course of this POS software.
I agree about the CC integration in the US.
I was wondering if SambaPos can integrate with X-charge which is a stand-alone CC software PCI and DSS compliant.
I’m not a dealer.