I can not log in with the same PIN number I used for years

Please someone help me as it’s Saturday and we are experiencing this problem. It does not recognise my PIN number to open the system and also says unregistered trial even though I did purchase this program

What is your license email?

Unregistered trial would lock you out or change pin…

It’s possible that someone changed your connection string when your computer lost connection to your network.

One restaurant, one computer one operator no external interference. I can’t even log in to the system to tell it that it’s a registered program

I bought this program, it did do this fault before I switch off and on it worked. But this time it’s not even allowing me to log in

SambaPOS has it’s quirks, but changing data by itself is definitely not one of them. Someone or something changed your PIN. There is no other way.

If you have another account with admin access you can use that to change your PIN back to what you want it.

If you don’t have admin access, contact support@sambapos.com for further assistance.

To expand on what @rightguys was saying.

If SambaPOS loses connection to database, it will prompt an error that allows you to edit the connection string, perhaps this connection string was changed/deleted. Or maybe it got reset to default SambaPOS, try PIN 1234 if that’s the case.

If this doesn’t work, then you are not on default SambaPOS and either the PIN or the database was changed. It is also possible to recover the PIN but we do not discuss that on the forums for security reasons.

Your reseller is Emilitek have you contacted them ? I see you are in the Uk. If your reseller is not responding you can reach out to @markjw he may be able to assist.

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