I cannot install Samba 4 on Windows XP

It is possible to install Samba 4 in a PC with Windows XP?

SambaPOS4 requires .NET 4.5 which is not compatible with Windows XP.

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i used sambapos V4 on XP untill lately.
the thing is that XP cannot have latest net framework.
i think that sambapos 4.1.17 or 4.1.19 is the latest version that works with older net framework


Why is necessary the .net framework 4.5? That is the problem.

This is just my opinion: Windows XP is a non supported platform by Microsoft. I would not recommend it anyway no matter how much you feel you like it. As a business standpoint it would be pretty critical to have your operating system be a supported system.

It sure is recommended to use a later operating system but the thing is that many owners own an older POS systems that some is too old to support win7/win8 OS.
and POS systems are not cheap!. for example: i bought second hand “IBM SurePOS 566” with a good price - i was soooo lucky this system can run win7, but i had to upgrade the BIOS *sigh…

i think it is an issue to consider

At some point you have to draw the line. Windows XP is at that stage where a line needs to be drawn and we need to move on. You do not have to shop for a preconfigured (EXPENSIVE) pos setup. You can shop for just a PC that meets your needs and put together your own POS setup. Most of the hardware other than the PC is compatible with newer OS’s as they followed standards that are supported still the only issue you might run into is driver issues but most companies provide updated drivers.

This is again my opinion: Resources should be allocated carefully when developing and spending resources to ensure the system is backwards compatible with older OS’s is good but at some point you draw the line or your development time gets out of skew… I would say an OS that is no longer supported by its maker at any level is a good line to draw. Especially if it does not work on the newer framework. You would suddenly be the one that would need to provide the support that the OS Maker typically provides… and that is not practical at all.

Windows XP is 13 years old…

Does SAMBA 4 works over .NET Framework 4.0?

No it does not. As you can see in the very post you just responded too it is mentioned numerous times that it does not work.

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